There are 4 types of traditional lanterns in the Japanese Garden

NureSagi (Wet Heron Lantern)

wet heron lantern

The canopy of this tall, six-sided lantern is an attenuated bell-shape and the light box has a bas-relief carving of a heron or crane, the symbol of long life.

Kasuga Lantern


This is an example of lanterns found at the Kasuga Shrine located in Nara Deer Park.  A deer is carved in the side.  Deer were regarded as divine messengers of peace and good fortune.

Yukimi Doro (Snow Viewing Lantern)

yukimi doro

This type of lantern was Dr. Kawana’s favorite.  The large top on it is to collect snow to keep it from falling in the light box area.  It is almost always placed near open, reflective water.

Daikoku Lantern

The Lantern shows Daikoku (the god of wealth, on e of the seven household gods) standing on bales of rice with a rat perched alongside him.

Rats symbolize the presence of wealth and excess

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