Black Pine

Black pines represent the male person – warlike, strong and unbending.  There are 80 black pines shaped into the “bonsai” style in the garden.

Weeping Peach

Our weeping peach was brought to the garden from Japan by Dr. Kawana


The Cherry Blossom Tree was held above all other flowers by the rulers of Japan and exemplified the noble character of the “Japanese soul” — men who do not fear death.

The ritual of hanami — cherry blossom viewing — began at the imperial courts, practiced by elite classes, but commoners also celebrated.


These are one of the oldest living species of trees.  Their golden leaves have been found as fossils with dinosaur bones.  Ginkgo nuts are eaten in Japan and used for medicinal purposes.


The attributes of peach blossoms include: pretty, delicate, dainty, and sweet smelling. These are all feminine traits and in fact the blooming of the peach trees correlates to the celebration of Girl’s Day in Japan where they decorate their houses and altars with peach blossom branches.


The willow tree is symbolic of the female persona – kind, loving and bending with the situation.

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