Photography Policy

Informal/candid/casual/vacation-style photos are the only photos allowed during our self-guided tour/open strolling times. The types of photos not allowed during our open times include but are not limited to:  bridal, birthdays, maternity, costumes, clothing changes or modeling photos.   The type of photography you are taking is subject to staff’s evaluation.  If a staff member feels you are out of the boundaries of our photo rules, you will be asked to stop and/or exit the Garden.  It is irrelevant if the photographer or camera are professional or not.

In addition, the following rules apply to ALL filming and photography:

Filming and photographic activities can in no way impede other’s enjoyment of, or access to, any part of the Garden.

Tri-pods are not allowed during the self-guided tour/open strolling times.  Monopods are acceptable.  No drones.

Photographers and subjects must stay on the Garden pathways at all times.  Walking or placing equipment or persons on the landscaped areas (which include the dry garden and pebble beaches) is prohibited.

Plants may not be moved, cut or handled in any way.

The Japanese Garden is a City of Los Angeles-owned public garden and your adherence to these guidelines is required.

To complete a contract for Garden rental for photography or for commercial filming/photos, please call (818) 756-8166 Monday-Thursday mornings.



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